Community resources

Bend Birth Connection has partnered up with professionals in the community who specialize in working with families pre and post birth. The following is a list of community resources Bend Birth Connection has a relationship with and can assure they provide high quality, evidence based, and heart centered services.

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Pure Light: A Family Health Studio

Dr. Sarah Lutz and Dr. David Lutz provide holistic prenatal, pediatric, and family health care. Dr. Sarah and Dr. David aspire to help the community become full of happy, healthy families and children living life at their fullest potential. They strive to be a source of hope, education, and health for women during conception, pregnancy, and motherhood. At Pure Light, the focus is always on enhancing the function of the master control system of the body - the central nervous system. Gentle, specific chiropractic adjustments are provided to remove interference to the brain-body connection, allowing for greater ease, adaptability and overall well-being.

Health is vital for every aspect of life. When optimum health is achieved, a person can function at their highest expression leading to happier families, an abundant community, and a harmonious world.


Everything Rooted&Open offers is in service to women, especially mothers. All offerings have the intention to help women learn how to
connect with their self and truth. This connection to self allows a deeper and more authentic connection to other women in a safe and
nurturing container, so healing happens on an individual and collective level.



Mandala Midwifery

Mandala Midwifery provides individualized, family centered pregnancy, home birth and postpartum care, as well as complete or partial prenatal care paired with Montirce services and personalized labor support in the hospital setting. We're happy to provide a free consultation.  Get your questioned answered and see if midwifery care is the right fit for you. We love meeting potential clients face to face!